What We Do

Our Goal: We are an organization that focuses on the design and development of games that promote emotional resilience through skills acquired while children are immersed in games they love to play.

Our First Game.

Our Approach. Education innnovators are currently re-designing classroom experiences across the Western world, integrating digital games and media technologies that can radically shift the way the next generation of teachers and students approach learning. This new model invites students to learn through play, discovering and innovating with knowledge they acquire through hands-on engagement and collaboration. It is this same kind of transformation, based on the same foundational principle of play, that we want to spearhead in the field of mental health. By harnessing the intrinsically motivating properties of video games and their immense potential to teach new forms of thought and behavior, we can engage youth in building their emotional resilience through play. Children who become emotionally resilient are not only buffered from adversity; they also become empowered, optimistic and academically successful young people.

For more information about the research on the benefits of playing video games, check out a recent interview that summarizes our approach and vision:

Crucially, we are committed to developing commercial-grade, universally accessible games rather than smaller scale “serious games” which often hold little appeal to the current generation of children. That is why we have some of the top industry game designers on our team. We want kids to pick up our games because they are intensely fun, not because they are “good for them.” And we want them to share the games with their friends and family, so their impact will grow exponentially.

Finally, we are committed to empirically evaluating the effectiveness of our games through randomized controlled trials and diverse experimental studies, all of which are the gold-standard for establishing efficacy.